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Happy New Year 2024

2023 in Review: Part 6

Don't Bite The Hand.

2023 in Review: Part 5.

2023 in Review: Part 4

Return of the Grinch - Boxing Day Humbug

2023 in Review: Part 3

2023 in Review: Part 2

2023 In Review: January.

Christmases past and present.

"You're All Getting Coal For Xmas"

Fiscal Cliffs and the Mini Budget.

Aotearoa Famous.

Simeon Says: Stay On These Roads.

"A Privileged Background"

Coffee, politics, and great company.

Demonstrations & Demonstrables.

Acting Prime Ministerially.

"No Confidence"

Not To Cast Stones...

Ain't nobody gonna steal this heart away.

"Your Circus, Your Clowns."

The Prime Minister's Dream.

Eleven years of work.

And I don't want the world to see us.

Be Honest.

Affirmative Action.

What's The Story?

Shane MacGowan Is Gone.

We need to talk about Tory.

Smokefree Fallout and a High Profile Resignation.

In Defense of the Media.

Luxon's Breakfast.

No More Winnie Blues.

The Good, the Bad, and the even Worse.

Christopher Luxon - NZ PM #42.

Auckland - My Work Here Is Done.

How Kiwis Went From Decent To Disgusting.

Defending Free Speech.

Here Come The New Plans.

Beyond the Paywall.

Magic Beans and Rodeo Clowns.

If You Have To Ask.

Maureen Pugh Hasn't Got A Clue.

Electorate Watch: Port Waikato

Scuttlebutt and Bullshit.


That Don't Impress Me Much.

The Straw Men.

A Grand Coalition.

History Repeating.

Kiwis Reject Austerity!

A special offer from Nick's Kōrero.

Apart Together.

There's something in the Water.

The "War" in Gaza.

The Day of the Dead.

The Rich Are Destroying The Earth.

A Snap Election

Let's Kōrero.

Roll Up! Roll Up!

Luxon's Coalition Limbo.

Taxing The Super-Rich.

Labour Day 2023

Living On The Edge.

Take Me To Your Leader

Forestry Slash.

"Fuck off", Jenna.

Induction Day.

The People Have Spoken.

Arohanui Aotearoa.

In Union We Are Strong.

Coming Home; Good Fortune.

Kingmakers III.

Should you vote for Christopher Luxon?

Electorate Watch: Auckland Central.

Kingmakers II.

Maiki's Massive Serve.

Chicken Luxon.

Climate Emergency!

Clusterf**ck of Chaos.

Protest at Parliament: The Reunion.

Try A Little Kindness.

Bennie Bashing.

Electorate Watch: West Coast-Tasman

Letter To Luxon.

Tax Cut Austerity Blues.

The End Of The World.

A Womance, and a Nomance.

Chris vs Chris.

Electorate Watch: Hamilton East.

Up the Wahs!

Willy, Molly, Mandy, and Brooke.

Grinch To Steal Xmas.

The Masterplan.

Indigenous Rights

It ain't over 'til it's over.

Is there a Plan 'B'?

Sulphur City Housing.

Ol' Seven Houses.

Plug In Baby.

Blue Team Under Attack!

The Pledge.

Labour's Launch.

Prescription Drugs.

The Everyday Man.

Un-Squeezing the Middle.

Tithing to the Rich.

Chippy Draws A Line.

Climate Change Revenue.

Kiwi Kaitiaki

Packed Like Sardines...

You Gotta Know

Sleepwalking To Power?

Pharmac or Politicians?

The Return Of Winston.

Beyond The Fringe.

Cruel To Be Kind.

Is Kindness Important?

Selling Our Homes.

The Battle of Acosta Ñu.

For The People.

Labour's Tax Policy.

Almost Human.

Our Precious Soil.

Willis In West Auckland.

Winners And Losers.

Tunnels and Teeth.

Put It To The People?

Don't Hate The Player.

All Eyes On Me.

Show Me The Money!

Roads Announced.

Once In a Lifetime.

Fair Pay For Westies!

Food For Thought.

We're Human.

By The Time I Get To Arizona.

Thinking of Kiri Allan.

National's Mega Donors.

Sorrow and Joy.

Naked Narcissism.

What's In A Name?

Pothole Priorities.

"In It For You"

Wots.. Uh The Deal?

Read Chippy's Lips.

Clouds Over Matariki.

World Population Day.

A Hard ACT To Follow.

Climate Action!

National Mystery Tour

A Tale Of Two Mayors.

Palestine and Israel.

Fascism in Aotearoa?

The Milkman Of Human Kindness.

Weasels Tuatara Flounder.

Take it easy.

Everybody Hurts

Canaries Coming Home To Roost.

Covid Isolation Blues.

Can We Fix It?

Chris Bishop: Campaign Manager.

Chippy Tea.

Daddy, He's Got A Tesla.

Headline Hunting.

Lead or Follow.

Chinese Democracy.

Coconut Ice and Ceilings.

Fieldays and Cow Farts.

You can't always get what you want.

National Loving Day.

Brown's Band-Aid Budget.

Wood You Believe It!

Electioneering Rules.

Changing Seasons.

Seymour Shocks Sky City!

How do you read substack?

Perfect 10?

National commit to fund a mental approach to birth control.

Hive Talking.

The Super Issue.

The Florida of the South Pacific.

National Sorry Day.

'We Will Restore Law & Order'

The Great Donkey Special.

Laughing with Donkeys.


Universality vs User Pays.

Budget 2023.

A Bread and Butter Budget.

An Ordinary Hero.

Plans, Pies, and Bottom Lines.

Prime Minister Nicola Willis.

Captain Chris & the Coalition of Chaos.

May you live in interesting times.

Bright Horses.

Crossing The Floor.

Once You Go All Black...

When The Music Stops

The King of NZ Media - Mike Hosking.

The Coronation of Charles III.

Doctor Reti's Truth Confetti.

Happy Honesty Day.

Renters vs Landlords.

All You Need Is Greed.

ANZAC Dawn Ceremony 2023.

ANZACs and Armenia.

What are your thoughts on Superannuation?

Dirty Politics Hit Job Derailed.

Good News on Inflation.

Elon Musk: The Enigma

National: D for Diversity.

Profits in a Cost of Living Crisis.

Te Pāti Māori - the Kingmakers.

Covid with Christopher.

Is it time to tax the Billionaires?

Chatting with the machine.

It's not easy being Green.

Listening and getting involved.

Double Trouble.

Haere Rā then Jacinda.

Living Wages vs Survivable Wages.

Woke FM.

Building Bridges.

Luxon demands Davidson apologise to white men!

A Posie Parker Postscript, what have we learned?

Prosperity through Productivity.

Posie Parker vs Transgender Rights.

Climate Catastrophe, but first rugby.

Make Your Empties Go Another Round.

Genetic Heritage and Co Governance

As long as there is cricket, the world is somehow okay.

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

This station is Karanga-a-Hape, Chur!

Teachers Take Strike Action!

Beware The Ides of March.

National numbers on the decline.

Hawkesby goes to Helltown.

Q&A with Jack Tame.

We are better than this.

The Great Kiwi OE - Upgrade.

Little Joe McCarthy And The Red Under His Bed.

Nobody writes songs about Wednesdays.

Aotearoa 2032.

Reality Check Radio.

Virtue Signalling with Richard Dawkins.

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.

Scrapping the "App" Tax.

Imagine what Noah was watching!

Tell Us What You Really Think.

The End Of The Golden Weather?

Local Councils or Central Government?

Be Kind! Be Kryptonite!

Winning Ugly.

Tax, Borrow, Cut.

Island Life.

Maureen Pugh can't science, can you?

The Luxy Horror Picture Show - Part 1.

Cancel Culture or Dissing Disinformation?

Getting back to "normal".

Rolling Christopher Luxon? Part Two

Rolling Christopher Luxon? Part One.

If not now, then when?

Happy Valentine's Day - Bah Humbug.

Remembering Bill.

How the left could win the election.

For the Love of God and Money.

What a difference a year makes.

Waitangi before dawn.

Who's afraid of co-governance?

Lies, damned lies, and political polls.

February Stars.

Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated?

There once was a Mayor called Wayne.

"We Need The Rain To Stop."

What does co-governance mean to you?

Jenna Lynch declares Hipkins Honeymoon over!

How Hobbits defeat Orcs.

Party like it's 1692!

So what happens now then?

The greatest Prime Minister of my lifetime.

National 2023 - How bout no?

All The News That's Fit To Print.

When the war is over.

ACT - We See Ya!

Mediocracy and Mediocrity.

The Algorithm is not your friend.

World Typing Day

Are community admins a threat to democracy?

Tomorrow's forecast: Climate Change

Election Night 2023